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The Element4ls are soon upon us! No, I am not referring to the upcoming Marvel movie entitled “Elementals” but rather another interesting NFT drop that is soon to be at our doorstep.

The NFT marketplace is growing exponentially and at times it may be a bit difficult to navigate the market and know exactly which projects fit in with your beliefs, needs, and more importantly investment strategies.

At Solanews we are not here to give you advice but we are here to share with you projects that we believe have the potential to be beneficial to the buyer. Today we are going to talk about a new Project on the Solana blockchain entitled Element4ls. Let’s learn more about this project and dive deep into its utility and future plans.

Sci-Fi Inspiration

There is a very obvious Sci-Fi aesthetic to the characters that are a part of the Element4l universe. The creators took their inspiration from many sources such as Star Wars, Iron-Man, Ex-Machina,i-Robot, and Alita Battle Angel. You can tell the intention of the creators was to create a character that was not only futuristic-looking but mysterious, anonymous, dark, and mystic as well.

You can see inspiration drawn from many of your favorite robots in this one image.

The artwork is indeed clever and beautiful. You can definitely see C-3PO in the art but you can also definitely see Iron-man and many more famous robots just by looking at the great work the team has done.

Small Team

Speaking of team, the team for Element4ls is pretty small but very well put together. Currently, the team consists of 1 illustrator,3 developers,1 marketer, and 1 community manager, for a total of 6 members. This is a small team like most of the projects that one can find on the Solana NFT market.

Though the team is small you can tell -just by looking at the artwork, that they are very serious about their craft and fully into Sci-Fi. Most projects have small teams but this one seems to be working seamlessly as one efficient unit.

Space Utility

Like most utility now for NFT, there is a plan to create an online virtual community game that will be free to play. The mission is simple but very ambitious- to allow anyone in the virtual community to be included and be able to connect, trade, and play with friends or others on the Solana Blockchain-powered community.

As with most projects, the game is not fully functional at the time of this writing but the developers have stated they are currently working behind the scenes to make all plans available and ensure they come to fruition. In speaking directly to the main moderator of the group, it can be felt that the project is moving smoothly and they are all very busy with their plans.

There are of course other exciting plans for the NFT as you will be able to receive novel airdrops picked by the community and made by the core team, the ability to participate in a community book creation, and in-game tradeable assets.

The creators also plan a very altruistic and selfless utility in that the holders will be able to vote on charities to receive funds from the community charity fund every month.

The community will also be able to decide on airdrops every two weeks and each of those airdrops will be based on what was written in the novel in the previous weeks. The community will also be able to vote on different elements of the upcoming game as well.

Novel Idea

Ever want to say you have written a novel? With a purchase of an Element4l, you can proudly say you did or at least contributed to the writing of one. The community as a whole will be able to participate in the creation of novels set in the Element4l world. Once the book is done. the sales of those books will be shared with holders of the NFT.

In your Element4l

The unique combination of 3D art and a novel created by Justin Sloan creates a perfect environment for the creation of a successful metaverse. The project wants to create the first community-written book on the Solana blockchain. This project indeed has a lot of fresh ideas and the only thing stopping it would be the need for organic growth. The more the project grows, the better its chances of success. The project has the potential to be a very memorable one and one a potential buyer might want to keep an eye out for!



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