Introducing DN-404: A Rival Implementation to ERC-404

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2 min readFeb 14, 2024

In a bid to address the challenges posed by the experimental ERC-404 token standard, a group of crypto developers has unveiled their alternative implementation called DN-404. This move comes as a response to concerns regarding the efficiency and impact of the original ERC-404 standard on Ethereum transaction fees.

What is ERC-404 and Why DN-404? ERC-404 was introduced by the Pandora team with the aim of merging ERC-20 tokens with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing for the native fractionalization of NFTs. However, the integration of these two token standards led to a significant increase in Ethereum transaction fees, prompting developers to seek a more efficient alternative.

The DN-404 Approach DN-404 takes a different approach by splitting the functionality of ERC-404 into two separate contracts: a base ERC-20 contract and a mirror ERC-721 contract. This division aims to address potential exploits and maintain compatibility with existing standards while reducing the impact on transaction fees.

Efficiency and Safety According to the developers behind DN-404, their implementation results in a 20% reduction in the transaction fee impact compared to ERC-404. By employing two distinct contracts, DN-404 seeks to provide a safer and more efficient solution for token-NFT integration.

Risk and Considerations It’s important to note that DN-404’s code is currently unaudited, meaning there may be inherent risks associated with its usage. While the developers have prioritized efficiency and safety in their implementation, users should exercise caution when engaging with unaudited smart contracts.

The Future of ERC-404 and DN-404 Despite reservations about the practicality of ERC-404, the crypto community has demonstrated interest in its continued usage. As a response, the developers of DN-404 have sought to provide a viable alternative that balances efficiency and functionality. While ERC-404 may be viewed as a gimmick by some, DN-404 offers a pragmatic solution for token-NFT integration.

In conclusion, the introduction of DN-404 represents a significant development in the ongoing evolution of token standards within the crypto ecosystem. As developers continue to explore innovative solutions, the quest for efficiency, safety, and interoperability remains paramount in driving the adoption of blockchain technology.



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