Love On The Blockchain

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3 min readOct 19, 2021

Article written by Ryisan C.

The blockchain has brought so much joy into the lives of many people, what if someone told you that you can also find love on the blockchain? Imagine your soulmate waiting for you and she is just one hold away.

What is SolDate?

Soldate is here to bring love to crypto. SolDate is touted as the first-ever Dating app built on the blockchain. With its patented matchmaking algorithm SolDate plans to revolutionize the dating pool. How does SolDate do this? SolDate plans to look at the core values of applicants, decode those and align them with like-minded individuals.SolDate stresses this takes time so patience is a virtue. Artificial intelligence will be utilized to improve experiences and reduce time spent swiping left or right (we are looking at you certain popular swiping apps.) The algorithm will take people most similar to each other and pair them off the same way as YouTube or Netflix (no, the irony is not lost on us there.)

Cluster love

SolDate will cluster those similar users together and by using this clustering method they hope to theoretically eliminate profiles that solicit as they would just match with each other. The idea is that people are more likely to fall in love with other people who have the same ideals as their own. These AI systems have already been implemented elsewhere so SolDate plans to use them better.Once a user has been put into a cluster they are shown all other profiles that match the same ideals in the cluster they are in. Thus making their dating pool a lot smaller and more quality driven.

Preferences are key

Preferences are a major part in the algorithm. Let’s say Chloe swiped more on men with brown hair than she did men with black hair , the algorithm would make sure she is presented with more brown haired men in her cluster. The algorithm will also take into account location, age , profile views and other important metrics.

Online dating platforms such as Tinder and Bumble have an issue where there are users that use their platforms for selling services or other explicit websites, thus undermining the actual purpose of the website entirely. There are many users that have been turned off of the dating platforms for this reason exactly.Getting rid of all solicitation and bringing things back to pure dating is the goal of this project.

Keeping Score

All users will be given a score in SolDate. The score does not represent your attractiveness so being a 10 does not give you a swipe benefit over a 3. The score will be used to match you with like individuals. For instance, if your score is a 6 you would be put in the cluster of 5–7 but would not be able to see any members that are 8–10.

The score is meant to initiate conversation. So those that have a higher tendency to conversate are given a higher score. The news is good news for users that are very tired of matching with someone only to have them completely ghost them or leave them on reading.

Certain actions like uploading new photos, or participating in conversations will raise your score and put you in a new league. If you are popular among users with a high rank that o only increases your rank as well. Swiping randomly or not swiping at all can also decrease your score.

Love exciting and new

SolDate is coming to change the dating scene and with it, the way people interact on the blockchain. The goal is to become the leading decentralized dating platform built on Solana. Currently, their coin $DATE is on the Dex-Trade exchange and there are many plans for the future of SolDate.



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