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New IDO goes live on Magic Eden

Two private sales rounds held in February and March that saw sales of $40 million $HTO tokens for $4.5 million USDC have prepared Heaven Land to go for a public sale this May.

Heaven Land

Heaven land is a Solana based metaverse. The metaverse world is a cylindrical world hovering over a virtual earth creating a true space getaway. The land that is offered as part of their virtual real estate is completely different than what you can see on other projects as the land and offerings are completely original and not based on the earth.The project has been “developed in Unity Engine this will bring the land to the most people in the shortest possible time, the first client will be a web client, and other clients for Desktop, Mobile, ultimately leading to VR.” ( The project will also have a marketplace as those who have ownership of NFTs and land will be able to trade and sell.

Currently the platform has many partners that are well known in the Solana ecosystem: Magic Eden, Solanart, Solsea, and Digital Eyes. The company is also in touch with many other NFT projects for collaborative efforts as well.

Projects in touch with Heaven Land

Heaven land will be massive, with 30,000 NFT “Parcels”Parcels are land plot NFTs with some attributes directly encoded into NFT and some attributes derived from a Parcel location in the Heaven Land. Transport in the land will be via walking and transporting tubes. There will be some voice chat and word chat options for communication as well.

Offering Heaven

The metaverse is currently offering an IDO ( Initial Dex offering) on two major launchpads Magic Eden and Cropper’s Ferilizer. The dual launch has been announced this past April 23 on Medium. The offering will be on Magic Eden May 4, and will be continued May 5 on Fertilizer. In order to get the offering on Magic Eden users will have to buy Loyalty NFTs first. A loyalty NFT is a multifunctional asset for the metaverse Loyalty NFTs are valuable assets that offer perks that may be once or forever. The other advantage of having a loyalty NFT is is that every HTO payment will come with an advantage.

Loyalty NFT

The $HTO tokens are the main currency in the Heaven Land metaverse and will double as governance tokens for the planned DAO. The team plans to create a HOT-USDC liquidity pool on Raydium and launch a staking system, only land owners will be able to stake however.

The project marks another metaverse project that hopes to see success on the Solana blockchain joined by the likes of Solice, The Neighborhood,Portals , Enviro and more.



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